Sunday, 23 December 2012

EIO Public version 2 release

It is with great pride that I present to you version 2 of EIO incorporating the all new EIO: Builder.

For more information and a graphic overview please see EIO Overview

You can download the winrar file at eve-files from here, just click the orange link underneath the large Download Now button as it's not a torrent file.

EIO: Public version 2 contains the previously released EIO: Refinery and new xml sheets that you generate using Eve HQ.

These are NOT essential, they just make your life easier by automatically downloading your assets, character sheet details and the regional market average prices.

The files contained in the winrar file will be used, but it represent old data of mine, and I know very few people who want to manually update asset inventory on a regular basis.

Good luck all, any questions, refer to the guide - if it's not clear enough let me know.

Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Progress Update

I've produced a How To picture guide explaining how to update the Market prices in EIO: Char Refinery and all other future editions following feedback in the Eve Online Forum thread.

The EIO: Char Builder is now at a standard where I can offer those who wish to test and provide feedback the opportunity to do so by requesting the link from the forum thread above.  I especially need people who produce boosters to compare the results and ensure 100% accuracy, however all who promise to provide feedback will be more than welcome.

Let me leave you with a screenshot of the WiP.

A few things to do and tidy up, but beautiful already.

Sunday, 16 December 2012

Zeros in spreadsheets are ugly - Nested IF() Statements

So I'm sure you're all aware of the formula's in my existing and previous spreadsheets has featured a lot of nested IF() statements.  The reason for them is to hide zero's where ever they may cause eye strain.

I hate zeros on a spreadsheet.

They are not needed, they tell you nothing a blank cell can't.

Here's a simple statement to hide a zero.

This will bring a blank cell if the named cell A1 has a zero in it, or is blank, otherwise it will print the word "FOOD!!" where ever you type the formulae.  It didn't have to be blank of course, you could add "Get Some Food" between the quotation marks and it would tell you to do that instead, so that's a simple one.  Things have gotten more interesting lately, take a look at the EIO: Refinery sheet for some extreme examples.

So I've been busy today focusing on the Time and Building formulae both for Raw and Extra materials, and now I've arrived at the stage where I need to add up the possible two figures.


You can't add text and a number together to get a numerical result.  It's just not happening.

That drives even more nested if() statements.

Here's the flow chart I'm about to use to help follow the logic path.  No apologies made about my handwriting skills, it's a sketch not a calligraphy art project.

Believe it or not, I've never tried this method before so I hope it works.  T = True, F=False.

edit: Works like a charm!

Saturday, 15 December 2012

Fixed and Released with bonus feature.

All should now be working as intended, please unzip the rar file in to a EIO Public folder, if the links are still not being maintained please report it to me.

I've also implemented a character asset import which will allow you to see your asset refine income with less micromanagement.

Instructions to download and import both xml files has been included on the EIO Char Refinery.

I look forward to hearing positive and negative feedback from all users and I've created a new in game chat channel for discussion and debate, all welcome, but bring your own cookies.

Have fun, I have to get to the shops.

Download from here

Friday, 14 December 2012

Relinking tables and MarketPrice changes

I have removed the rar file I previously uploaded as it has come to my attention that links weren't working.  In addition to that I realised I would be needing a new Material tab for building, so I've also made changes to the database.

Humble apologies.

What I will do in the future to minimise the need to quickly update to correct errors is unzip the file I intend to  publish and test that. If I need to change it that will be done and I'll re-zip it up again.  And repeat.

This will lead to publishing only when absolutely ready for public use.

I've moved the market price data to it's own sheet in order that the multiple work books can reference the single sheet, so you won't have to load up the Refining sheet in order for the regional prices to update in the future books.

I wanted every tool to be as stand alone as possible, this change means that we only have to update the Market Price sheet once for each future tool for it to function through the database.

Future Tools

Along with the existing Refinery book, I'm in the planning stages of the Manufacturing book, and the next tool will be the Planetary Interaction book.

I hope to get a new polished version of EIO: Refinery available as quickly as possible but I believe it's more annoying to download multiple fixes in a short period of time.

Thank you for your support

Sidrat Flush

Thursday, 13 December 2012

Release Day has arrived

The official release of the Eve Industrial Organiser : Refinery release is currently being uploaded to eve-files, for your enjoyment.

The entire process of creating this iteration of the spreadsheet has gone so much more smoothly than ever and it's simply because it's more focused in it's design and is thus able to fulfil it without any extra overhead.

Without further ado I give you - use the direct download link as I doubt there's a torrent.

Wednesday, 12 December 2012

New Preview Copy Available Later Today - UPDATED

Importance of external testing

After testing by a corporation member found issues with the database, I have removed the download link from Eve-Files while I fix the issue on my side.  The database will be sanitized so that only the tables used will be present, this will keep the download as small as possible.

I've also correctly colour coded the Mineral To Ore sheet so it's more uniform across the sheet.  I want to distinguish more easily between the columns so users can differentiate between value types (difference between M3, isk and units).  I'm considering converting it to a table and having a colour coded scheme but no promises as I don't want to cause eye pain.

Back to work, I will update this post with the link when it's done.


You can download the link from -  Enjoy.

I have just realised that the "Refine Report" sheet was filtered for ships only, remove the filter on the category  column and enjoy.

Monday, 10 December 2012

Public Test Version

I have realised I would like to test what files will be required and what I can do to keep the links between the spreadsheet and the database intact.

Please download the file from It contains three files, the evedb MS Access database file and the EIO: Refinery Excel Spreadsheet and finally the MarketPrices.xml file obtained from Eve HQ.

Please let me know what if any errors or problems you receive and I will do my best to provide a solution.

Contents Sheet

This page lists the sheets, what they're supposed to do, named ranges used within the sheet and so on.  It was a quick reference guide for myself so I could keep track of what was where and why.  Any hidden rows or columns is for the user benefit, either because they contain a column reference number or because they're blank.  It probably isn't a good idea to edit or delete these.

Eve HQ Usage

In previous versions I pulled market data from eve-central and updated different xml ranges.  This was a tedious and nightmarish process which I'm very glad I no longer have to do because of the local saving of the prices download provided by Eve HQ.

To download Market Prices from a particular region, complete the following steps after pulling your own character details.  This isn't necessary but makes the application look a lot nicer than a blank screen.
  1. Start EveHQ.  On the View section of the ribbon, click the "Prices System" icon.
  2. The Market Price screen has four tabs, click the Price Groups and tick the region you would like to select the prices for.  Above this section is the available columns.  I have eight selected although EIO Refinery uses only two, Median Price (Buy) and Median Price (Sell), however changing column count may cause import errors and EIO to report the incorrect value.  You can select as many regions as you like but EIO will only use one.
  3. Go to the Market Prices tab, and hit the Download Market Prices button.  Wait for the process to complete after it Parses the regional data, both buttons are disabled while this process is running.
  4. Congratulations you've made Eve HQ a lot more useful.
  5. On the Ribbon bar in the API Tools section, select "Open APPData Folder". This will open the application data folder for Eve HQ.  You should have a folder called "MarketCache" and inside there you will find an xml document and a WinRar file for the region(s) you just downloaded the prices for.  Copy the xml file and paste it in to the same folder, rename it to "MarketPrices".  Cut and paste in to the location you saved the EIO:Refinery and Paste it there.
  6. Open Evedb Access and open the query titled "Materials".  This may take a while.  Close Access.
  7. You can now Refresh the "Materials" Table via the Design tab in the External Table Data.  Again this may take a while, the more cores the better.
  8. You've completed the manual price update.  For best results, check the market before you buy or sell anything and enter totally up to date values on the materials important to you.
  9. Don't forget to save the file or you're prices will be out of date again.
  10. The price updating shouldn't need to be done more than once a day, just update the prices from EVE HQ every so often and rely on your own prices as these will ALWAYS be used first where present.

If you don't use this awesome programme you're missing out.  Download it from

Coming Soon

I will leave you with the enticing promise of more spreadsheet screen shots detailing my thought process on how to get the best results from EIO:Refinery so it works for you.  Perhaps combined screenshots will be easier on the eyes.

Sunday, 9 December 2012

New Home For Eve Industrial Organiser.

I have started work on the new design and features of the Eve Industrial Organiser (EIO) suite for Microsoft Excel.

This Blog is now the home for the Eve Industrial Organiser suite of spreadsheet books and I look forward to receiving your comments.

If you're new to EIO allow me to explain the History behind the sheet.


It started many years ago when I really wanted to know two or three important factors when it came to the usual trade and manufacturing actions.

  1. How much should I charge for item x?
  2. How much should I pay for ore b?
  3. What is the point of building item x when I can't buy the materials for under the market value?
  4. What do those people know that I don't know?
  5. How many units of ore should I obtain if I need x units of mineral type?
So I looked around back in 2007 for what other people had done and I didn't find anything that allowed me to enter multiple items in to a calculator and get the total material count.

Few people build one thing at a time, or even ten units of one item at a time - so I came up with a production calculator that told me what I needed to obtain for several items at once based on my Production Efficiency skill and the blueprint ME value.

Fast forward a few years and many iterations and I've gone from hand drawing tables, copying and pasting the formulas by hand and losing chunks of hair and sleepless nights.

Not only did the previous versions have a manufacturing calculator, a refining calculator and recently the AWESOME Mineral To Ore calculator as shown above.  It was also contained in one big sheet which took ages to load or many several sheets with interdependencies which caused bug hunting a nightmare, and you still had to load multiple sheets to update results any way.

The Future.

After taking some time away from the game, I have decided to come back and really tackle the issue of industry and spreadsheets.  I have decided to totally separate the different functions of the suite in to stand alone workbooks.   This solves the problems I've encountered before and keeps each workbook tightly focused to deliver only what it is supposed to deliver.  This might mean a lack of automated inventory management but we'll see.

The Retribution data export hasn't gone too well for CCP it seems and things were broken, misplaced or removed.  After two edits and a possible third I decided to bite the bullet and start work on the Refining work book.

This will be the first entry released to the public on Friday 14th December 2012, just in time to make yourself loads of ISK before Christmas.

Between now and after the New Year, I will be use testing the Refining sheet, and also working on the next release, the mighty EIO:Manufacturing book.  Featuring all your friends, the raw and extra material pivot tables and other stuff I have yet to decide whether I want to include or not.

As an early Christmas gift to you I present two further screenshots of the EIO:Refining book
The Contents sheet for the new Eve Industrial Organiser: Refinery

The Mineral To Ore calculator for the new Eve Industrial Organiser: Refinery