Friday, 11 July 2014

Eve Online - The sovereignty problem.

 Eve online to many is under going a phase of stagnation.  It's been a long phase, with many suggestions on why it exists and what can shake things up a bit.

Here's my suggestion expanded from a back and forth twitter session earlier this evening.

Sovereignty based on activity.  In order to claim a system it has to be used and that usage has to be maintained.  Based on the number of hours/week/system with different activities given different weightings.

Much like the industrial and combat index level that opens up more and more content, a sovereignty system based on character activity is I believe the most logical method of awarding alliances the existing bonus's for their effort, co-operation and space holding desire.

The activities shouldn't be limited to one factor but the whole aspect of activities within Eve, mining, manufacturing, pve content and of course PvP activity level.  Add in gate jumping to the index level and even poor true sec level pipe systems can slowly be maintained.

This does mean of course that systems will need to support more players than I feel they're currently capable of.  With the coming industrial changes in the Crius update, at least this has been achieved in a pretty large way.

TL:DR Want sov in a system - use the System.  I know balancing may be an issue - too high and offensive policies may be difficult, too low and flipping system sov too easy.  If it means players have to undock and participate in the Eve, it can only be better than un-docking and jump bridging in order to shoot structures for 3+ hours.

Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Ice Product Needs and Mining to target

A picture is worth a thousand words. These are the requirements for 10,080 fuel blocks (Caldari).

Friday, 6 September 2013

As You Find It Release

A quick release of the two workbooks - I don't claim it's been updated for Eve Odyssey 1.1.1 so the name changes are not reflected.  Plus whatever extra materials CCP has decided to change this time around.

The market data is also non-functional, but you use manual prices anyway right?

So the download link is on the left - Enjoy.

Sunday, 20 January 2013

Standalone exe EIO

I'm slowly but surely coming to grips with the calculated fields and form design in Access.  Quite a bit of progress has been made where I can safely say there will be a beta version by the end of the month.

I can't promise there will be prices or the full functionality that currently exists in the Excel version, but it will give you the material requirements for multiple items at your own ME and skill levels.

That alone will be a milestone - after that I could start on incorporating prices and giving profit/loss estimates but only if it's called for.

The Combined Asset EIO file will be made available upon request, so if you want it just leave a post with your in game name, or send an eve mail to me, Sidrat Flush and I'll make it available.

In the meantime, thank you.

Sidrat Flush.

Saturday, 5 January 2013

Corporate and Personal Inventory

It's been a great Christmas and New Year, but time to get back on the trading treadmill of Eve Online.

To this end, I am now in a position to integrate corporate assets in to the EIO suite of excel workbooks.

This is great news for me as I can now start using offices.  Of course it still uses the xml files generated by Eve HQ, this is for the sake of simplicity.

I expect to have both Refinery and Builder updated by 11th January 2013.

Planetary Interaction

Okay, after creating a PI workbook and entering the numbers required to produce a small pos tower the results I got was strange.  Due to the linear scaling nature of PI it's not very useful to know you'll need a few hundred thousand units of a P0 item to produce enough P4's to cook it together in to a Pos Tower.

So instead I offer this link - Eve_PI_Diagrams_v1_4.pdf

It's an awesome layout, very useful and made setting up a pos fuel PI chain a doddle.  Please go and check it out.

Power of Advertising and Feedback

If you've come here from Welcome and thank you for clicking the advert.

If you've used Eve Industrial Organiser, let me know what you think.  If you haven't used it and won't use it, leave a comment.

Wulf Brother Industries is an industrial corp run by Kiger Wulf who is very new to the production side of Eve Online and blogs about his adventures and thoughts.  He's doing quite well and can only do better, and he can write a blog better than I can.

To the Database

Which is where I sign off until next time.

I enjoy creating EIO to keep up with the needs of industrialists everywhere and in order to make it better, I really need feedback.  Without comments I am limited to my own ideas.  I am open to any suggestions that makes the life of the industrialist and self taught Office Hobbyist easier.